Cooking Buying Guide

We often believe it is easy to get right products for the kitchen. Not many people realize that selecting the right appliances will make your kitchen operate better. When choosing the perfect cooker, here are the main questions to take into consideration :

 Do you have sufficient space?
 How fast can the cooker cook?
 What is the Warranty on the product and the customer service network for the company?

Space : Is the first thing you consider, so measure up your kitchen and decide how much space you have for that desired cooker.
How fast it can cook : No one wants to spend extra time in the kitchen. With Scanfrost’s fast and efficient cookers, cooking couldn’t be easier.
Warranty : Everyone likes to have a Warranty on their purchased products. The Scanfrost brand assures quality and service with every purchase.


Go for the 5 series cookers, measuring 50 X 55 cm if you own a compact kitchen. This series is perfect for cooking everyday meals, so if you don`t plan on cooking dinner for all your friends all the time, this range will be perfect for you.

Also, you`ll need to consider convenience when choosing a model. The 5 series offers a combination of :

 4 gas burners (Check out gas cooker models 5400 | 5402 SS | 5402 B)
 3 gas burners +1 hot plate (Check out gas & hot plate cooker model 5312)
SFCK5222 NG  2 gas burners + 2 hot plates (Check out gas & hot plate cooker model 5222)
 4 hot plates (Check out hot plate only model: 5042)

Gas burners are preferred due to the fact that they heat quickly and they operate on either propane or natural gas, both of which are relatively inexpensive. Still, a hot plate will increase the flexibility of the cooker, especially for slow cooking, simmering. Also, it helps if your kitchen is especially windy.

Check Out Our 5-series Gas Cooker


If you have a slightly bigger kitchen and are willing to sacrifice a little more space for cooking, check out the 6 series cookers, measuring 60 x 60 cm.
Once you have decided that this is the size for you, start thinking about other features that will impact you cooking and the time you spend on cleaning after.
The 6 series offers a combination of gas and electric models:
 4 gas burners (Check out gas cooker model 6402)
 3 gas burners + 1 electric burners (Check out gas & electric model 6312)
 2 gas burners + 2 electric burners (Check out gas & electric model 6222)

Having at least 1 electric burner can bring some advantages to cooking regarding utility, safety and space usage, considering that they are easier to ignite and more stable.

Designed with a wok burner as well, models 6222 & 6312 will be perfect if you plan on cooking using a range of techniques like stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, making soup and smoking.Also, wok burners are 30% more efficient regular burners.

The 6222 & 6312 models are designed with an enamel black top finish, which makes it very easy for wiping the surface clean.

Check Out Our 6-series Gas Cooker


If space is not an issue for you and you usually cook for a large family, then we suggest you consider the 9 series cookers, measuring 90 x 55 cm.
These cookers feature an array of burners for a more efficient way of cooking. It will make your cooking faster, cleaner and more convenient.
In the 9 series cookers, you can find the following models:
9502 SS
9423 SS
9423 NE /NG
Most of these models, like our Scanfrost 9502 SS, are gas cookers featured with a digital display, with soft touch switches for lamp, turnspit and electronics timer, making the whole cooking experience more relaxing. This specific model also has 5 types of burners: rapid, semi-rapid, triple and auxiliary burners, useful if you usually cook different types of meals at the same time‎,‎ thus‎,‎ saving you plenty of time‎.‎ Other models, like 9423 SS are also equipped with electric burners.

Check Out Our 9-series Gas Cooker


If you plan on trying new recipes or just passionate about cooking diverse kinds of food, we strongly recommend our semi-professional series of gas cookers. This series comes with extra features that will take your cooking to a whole different level.

All Scanfrost`s semi- professional gas cooker series are equipped with triple layered wok burners, temperature control systems and auto ignition burners. Their design is modern and minimalist, with a superior stainless steel top finish and an elegant glass cover, all very easy to wipe and maintain clean.
In the semi-professional series you can find the following models:


Check Out Our Semi Professional Gas Cooker

All Scanfrost cookers come with a 2-year Warranty and we have the best customer service in the industry.
You’ll be happy to note that Scanfrost has the largest customer service network in Nigeria with 33 service centres.
We are also available on the following channels to handle all your queries:


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