How to select the perfect Scanfrost freezer for your home

Freezers are life savers. You might not realize that now, but try to imagine other ways of quickly cooling a drink or food storing back in the days. We`re not trying to convince you of its utility, rather giving you the best advice in choosing the perfect freezer for your needs. And Scanfrost has definitely what you need. Normally, freezers must be chosen based on 3 main criteria:

  • purpose of usage (personal or commercial)
  • space available (considering both space available in home and space inside the freezer)
  • lifestyle (how much frozen food do you actually keep)


Conclusion: Size matters. So keep that in mind when choosing your freezer. Scanfrost has designed a range of freezers to meet all your needs:


Young, restless or just busy? Let`s just say eating is not on your daily planner. If you plan on spending little time on cooking, a chest freezer will help you a lot. Frozen foods are quick to prepare and grocery shopping is required from time to time.  With a minimum storage capacity, Scanfrost chest freezers models SFL 111 (capacity: 100 litres) and SFL 151 (capacity: 150 litres) will allow you to use that extra time to your advantage.


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SFL 111
SFL 251


When having a loved one, meals become a personal bonding time and, to most families, almost like a ritual. Thus, food becomes more important and its amount increases. Therefore, we recommend Scanfrost`s medium models, with a storage capacity ranging from 200 to 300 litres.

These models are also designed to blend in nicely with most wall colors and kitchen furniture. Having an antirust coated body surface (SFL 211), or a superior steel or in ox finish, these freezers don`t dull like the classic, white ones.

Check out models SFL 211 (capacity: 200 litres), SFL 251  (capacity: 250 litres) and SFL 311(capacity: 300 litres, single door)

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When having a large family, you quickly begin to learn about the advantages of self-freezing fresh veggies or enjoy their smile after a home-made ice-cream. Freezers bring other advantages as well. Frozen food makes seasonal food more affordable throughout the year and the freezing process also reduces the number of potentially harmful bacteria which can cause food poisoning. So you have all the right reasons for a large Scanfrost freezer.

Check out models SFL 411(capacity: 400 litres, single door), SFL 511(capacity: 500 litres, double door) and SFL 611(capacity: 600 litres, double door)

All these models come with the Stabilizer Free Operation feature of the freezers` compressors, which ensures that you do not have to spend extra money on buying a separate stabilizer. This feature impacts the energy efficiency ratio, the power consumption level and can operate at abnormal voltage rates.


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SFL 611
SFCH 400


Either you own a bar or a shop, a freezer is a must-have for your business.

For retail purposes, we recommend Scanfrost models SFL 511(capacity: 500 litres, double door) and SFL 611(capacity: 600 litres, double door)

Depending on the field of your activity, the freezer should be equipped with a display as well. Check out models SFCH 500 (capacity: 500 litres) and SFCH 400 (capacity: 400 litres)

All of these models have 100 hours of cooling retention, so in case of a power outage, your products are perfectly preserved during that time.

Don`t forget some of the most important features of any electric appliances: product warranty and service policies.

All Scanfrost freezers come with a 2-year warranty plus 1 year additional warranty on the compressor and we have the  best customer service in the industry.

You’ll be happy to note that Scanfrost has the largest customer service network in Nigeria with 33 service centres.

We are also available on the following channels to handle all your queries:

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