Front Load Washer & Dryer


10Kg Washer + 7Kg Dryer Laundry with Inverter motor


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  • Elegant Knob – Non slip & anti fingerprints pattern
  • 480mm Wide door – easily take out the laundry and check the washing process
  • 3 sec display of Time / Max load & speed of wash for a quick and easy glance
  • Spacare feature – ensures removal of 99.99% of bacteria
  • Special wool program ensures no shrinkage of fabric
  • Improved hygiene with inner drum maintaining same temperate after 30 minutes of wash for effective drying
  • Heat Pump Drying feature – makes clothes more fluffy
  • Two machines for the price of 1 – wash + dry !
  • Ergo Design–low angle panel,easier to see & use
  • 2 Year Warranty

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